Artists Exhibiting

Art Galleries

The Bankhead Theater Gallery

Livermore Art Assoc Gallery

Firehouse Art Studios with Lynne Shephard


Bankhead Lobby                 

Charles "Bud" Donaldson and the veterans of the CLC

LVUJSD High Schools

Heritage Estates and Arbor Vista art participants 


Bankhead Plaza

Livermore Arts Information Booth

Las Positas College   

Nikitha Yelchuru, Paper Sweetly

Barbara Reynolds, Barbara Nichols Reynolds, Photography

Hudson River Inlay    

Lanchi Vo       

Barbara Sorenson, Topsy-Turvey Ceramics

Dave Manousos        

Mari Chew, Heart and Home

Jeffrey Nelson, Hudson River Inlay

Mariola Wistriewjk, Mariola's Painted Rocks

Ruzanna Kirakosyan

Susan Miller, jewelry

Donaice Guy,

Barb Johnson, Barb Johnson ceramics

Sarah Moore, Sarah and Chole's Unique Treasures

Vicki Skilman

Cynthia Biles

Leta Eydelberg, Fine Art

Orion Rose

Michelle Buckett

Joel Salinas III and Julia Felipe - demonstration

Heidi Giancola, Prezzis

   and representing Charlotte Severin and Sheena Stewart

George Canberg, Fine Art 

Brenda Striksma

Malgorzata Kuraczyk

Joanna Gonzalez 

A. Michel, Abstract art

Kim Holmes and Rosalee Smith

Lisa Ramos

Julie Gordon

Peter Bailey, Fine Jewelry

Kathie Chan, Kathie Studio

Lumpy Doodles

Renee Stearns

Cori Kelly, Fine Art

Lori Blum

Margaret Zhao



Livermore Arts Info Booth

Erin Davis, Erin Davis Ceramics

Liz Marshall, Fine Art 

Jeanette Boiteux, Dream Light Jewelry

Jenny Olivera Catjester Designs

Larry Lagin,Larry Lagin Fine Art

Julia Minasian, SIP (Seriously Imbibed Products)

Lisa & Ron Rigge, Rigge Photography

Eric Willyerd, Eric Willyerd Wood Arts

Meghana Mitragotri

Helen Harrison, HH Designs

Susan Yu-Voix



Jackie and Dale Cheves, Fiore Artistry

Debbie Hussey, Felted art

Rita Ann Hart, Fine Art

Karen Barry, Karen Barry Fine Art

Tracey Lamee AR Fine Art

Karen  Fleschler Fine Art

Bettie and David Goosman, Fine Art

Yvette  Head, Autumn Lane Studios

CPSA- Colored Pencil Society of America

Linda Ozenbaugh Mills, Updates

Mary Stein, fine art

Veronica Amador

Conteras Chiropractic

The Independent

Steve Rossi, Steve Rossi Fine Art

McLeod Street                      

Sue Vincent of Springtown Art Center

Nana Dictta Graves: create Derby Hats; free workshop

Lions Club lemonade and popcorn

Way Up Art & Frame; art material demos

Ozell Hudson; fine drawing demonstration

Children's art creation area and face painting

All Together Mobile Bikes Rickshaws - free rides around 


Girl Scouts art project table

Choose Love community info table

Latin Club of Granada High

Northern California Womens Caucus for Art info booth

Livermore Shakespeare Festival info booth

Thomasin Dewhurst Fine Art mural project

Storey Coffee

Lizzie Fountain        

Livermore Arts Information Booth

Farm Fresh to You

Metropolitan Transportation information table

The Vine Cinema 


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